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How We HACK Our EMOTIONS By Harvesting Their Energy!

When I say HARVESTING emotions, I mean to make USE of EVERYTHING the emotion (or emotional element like feeling, sensation etc) has to OFFER:

  • it’s biological and conventional message

  • it’s metaphysical message

  • it’s Energy and vitality

The first two are theoretical and spiritual topics, which we have covered pretty much in the last chapters, and which have an endless field of speculation and dissection to them, which is why I don‘t see much reason in dwelling in them too long, plus there is tons of literature on them ( basically all the books form psychotherapy and esoterics).

But number three offers a practical approach, and something, that we can actually start working right here right now, with exercises, that will not only help us deal with emotion, but will do something for our biological HEALTH!!

and yes there is little TRICK or HACK hidden them too…

So lets get to know:

The 3 Step method

Before we get started, know this:

Everything that aims on a longterm effect needs practice… at the beginning in a safe environment, later with less and less preparations more direct and in the moment..

There are certain emotional patterns though which are so strong they can ONLY be adressed AFTER they happened.. during their outbreak the best you can do is to let them MOVE OUT of you or at least move WITH you… thats why partydancing can be a very helpful tool too (as long as it does not involve alcohol or drugs, during the time of the crisis, because they take away too much of the memory of the transformation)

But with time and space you WILL get better until some incidents you might actually be able to prevent, some to transform on the spot!

1. Creating a safe space for your work

No matter whether you are a spiritual person or not you will agree: Every work needs it‘s space! You cannot build a house, without a land that is suited for building, and which has been scanned for risks of accidents…

Well believe it or not, this applies to your emotional body&soul too, if you want to work on and in it, you at least have to set the intention, that you want it to be in a safe place…

Every shamanic tradition has the ritual of drawing a circle around a certain area to transform it into „holy ground“ for the reason of ceremony, healing and/or protection! You don´t need to believe in shamanism for you to give it a try, and see, if it has an effect on you…

It is basically a way to anchor yourself with the intention that all directions around you are guarded with qualities that YOU have empowered, so no energy that does not help this process can come in or out! For those who are new to shamanism, this might sound a bit odd, but trust me in makes sense, once you tried it… it has to do with our ancestral memory: our genes carry the information, that creating space with the help of our natural environment for our personality, will naturally help the inner realm of our personality!

In the celtic tradition after drawing the circle all 4 wind directions are invocated :

East with Air, South with Fire, West with Water, North with Earth plus the 5th direction: Spirit of the place in connection with Spirit of the SOURCE and Space that governs all!

If you are not in a group, or if you need to have something more personal, you can draw your personal circle around the aura of your body:

  • Your front being the guardian of your future

  • Your back the guardian of your past

  • The left side, guardian of your intuition

  • The right guardian of your strategic mind

  • The sky for a benevolent fatherly protection from above

  • The earth for a benevolent motherly protection from beneath

  • And your HEART for the your Love within and around you

This can be done with a lot of mojo, and ritual or simply by being aware, but if you are not a shy person in the beginning I always recommend mojo and ritual especially your words, so that you can be witness of your intention!

Then you can activate


The chipump has its origins in the TAO system, it is known in qui gong training, the Kundalini-yoga has similiar techniques…

The way I do it conveys two more extras which make it special, unique and safe. It is one of those exercises that has an immediate effect on your whole system, even if you don‘t do it completely correctly and lack concentration or belief! Yes you heard me, it is a body-medicine that will work no matter, if you believe in it or not, and even if you screw it up a bit !! How many energetic exercises do you know of that actually can do that??

But if you have no experience with body-energetic exercise at all, it is a lot easier to experience this in a group-seminar with a skilled instructor of our team! (for more annoying ads visit our website or give us a call,… 10percent off the fee if you do it NOW! ;))

Before I tell you what it does, let me show you how it works so you can FEEL for yourself:

  • sit upright ideally at the edge of a seat, feet on the ground hand on your legs palms looking upwards…

  • imagine your crown being pulled upward., the lower end of your spine being pulled downward so your spine gets an ongoing gentle stretch, imagine air between each element of your vertebras

  • now start rocking your pelvis forward and backward, you can imagine your pelvis like a spoon, that scoops water in front of you and releases it at the back

(Do not wee yourself! ;))

  • when you scoop front squeeze your buttock muscles and your perineum, relax when you release

  • this should create a wave along your spine, go with it and let your head be moved by it too, it feels like the walk of a CAMEL( you decide whether to RIDE or to BE the camel in this scenario ;))

  • start rolling your shoulders backward ideally in sync with your pelvis

  • this should create a pulse in your body like a heartbeat… now you activate your breath: INHALE on 5 pulses, exhale audibly on a “sh” “ff” or “ss” sound 5-8 Pulses… inhalation should be silent, exhalation should be massive and remind you of an elemental force!

  • it is clear that this will take time to master, but I will

let you in on a little secret, the three most important components are:

the squeezing of the buttocks/perineum; the rolling of the shoulders

and the breath… especially the last two need constant reminding, or else your body tends to forget to continue them…

And for those who already had a bit of Kundalini or qui gong experience, and are afraid of their side effects… as I said I have put in a few extras to make this exercise pretty safe… one are the LONG BREATHS they keep the process in check, without denying it its transformational potential (took me over 15 years to find this formula, so please treat it with respect)… but should anything feel completely off,… then you always can LIE DOWN on the ground and wait till the imbalance wears off…

TRY the ChiPump NOW FOR THE NEXT 10 Minutes, breathe deeply, and let any emotion that should come up be expressed in the breath and the squeezing…!


(10 minute break)

Now ask yourself:

  • What do I feel?

  • Where do I feel it?

  • When did it start become painful-comfortable?

Ok these question should just help

you realize, that no matter what, where and when you felt something, it was something DIFFERENT than you felt before…right?

Some of you might have felt warmth, a tingeling feeling, going up and down your spine, a little bit of weight lifted from your shoulders, or burning pain in them, because they already were very soar…

And a little bit of sensuality or sensitivity on your skin and in your organs…

All these are signs that a very powerful source of energy was opened within your body:

In the field of enegetics this has a name:

Chi, Ki, Prana, Vis Vitalis, NUYFRE (in celtic tradition); Orgon; Life Force (psychology and philosophy) etc…

There are two forms of it, one that floats around and through you…

and one that is centered in your pelvis below the navel and can be awakened softly and gently with these kind of exercises..

This second energy is not completely neutral but also linked to our Lust and Sexuality… the creative life bringing force within…. and this is where everything gets interesting, yes SEX sells, also in this field..;) !

Because once this juicy, creative flow is started it becomes a little bit of hungry snake, which loves to devour EMOTIONAL energy! That means we can FEED it with memories, images, sounds, and sensations, which trigger our feelings and emotions, even if they are quite challenging, because the snake will transform them into something lustful and vital! Now I am not going to lie to you:

There is a possibility that you might not come up with any food for the snake at the beginning, because you are too busy, following the instructions to get the exercise right… then I suggest you do that and explore what feelings the snake offers you!

Important is to do long breaths, and every now and then, stop the process to check on yourself …

With time you will be able to activate the chipump more easily!

And now comes the next little challenge:

How to trigger an emotional process to have food for the chipump-snake?

Well if you have just recently experienced something very emotional, or are in the middle of a crisis you will most likely still be in this emotional process or have access to the fresh memories of it…

if not, slow down your pulse and let your mind wonder in your distant memories, soft massages of your skin, music and fotographs ( yes movies too, but I would rather have you in an environment with less electronics ;)) can stimulate feelings….very helpful is a sharing circle with friends, before you start the chipump-process) … once you have found a good triggerpoint for your feeling to float through,

then you will have more than enough food for the energy-snake!! And I encourage you to feed it as much as possible without stopping the exercise… you can adjust the tempo of your pulses to a faster pace, but the breaths should be at least 5 pulses long in the in- or exhalation… if the feelings are very strong , buttocks, shoulders and breath can be the anchor points for the physical expression of the emotion, also the face muscles can help!

The important thing is to keep the energies constantly moving, and to go directly from inhaltion to exhalation without pause!

If you do this in nature a tree can be a great stimulator and transformer too ( see our Dryalela-video on the website, and the blog about treemeditation) .

You will feel a lot of changes during the process, temperature blood pressure, and emotions and at the beginning it is wise to have an experienced instructor at your side who can guide you through them, if you want to go deep enough to completely transform one challenge….

BUT even if you only scratch the surface, and do the emotional-chipump until you feel something tiny has integrated itself in this new flow, you will BENEFIT from this smaller process too!! This should at least be another 10minutes

Now the next steps are:

To change into SHAKING your whole body very fast, as fast as possible, still using long breaths… until you reach a point of physical EXHAUSTION!

Here you can end the chipump with an emotional SIGH or a CRY if you wish… ( If you prefer shouting use the vowel “Ey” or “Ooh” like expressed in chapter one, they do not harm your voice)

Alternatively to shaking one can use drumming on the meridians, but this only effective if you know where, and the point of exhaustion (very important) is not so easily found…

3. Enjoying the Emotional- Energy field

After shaking like a wet dog for several minutes and finishing with a sigh or a cry..

you open all your senses and observe you body in the inner and outer realm… how does it feel now? what feelings have changed? Where do you feel your heart and blood pulse running…?

How much sensual vitality can you feel now?

Now imagine thoughts and feelings in and around you like a huge orchestra, that is tuning itself…let all THOUGHTS of judgment and RATIONAL thinking play a BACKGROUND music, which constantly changes, thoughts blur into each other on the horizon of your minds and like clouds they move in and out… they are only decoration, but have no importance!

Important is NOT to silence them but to let them run in and out of the mindfield.. they should be MOVING…

In the FRONT rows, plays this beautiful COCKTAIL of feelings, emotions, instincts and sensations the SOLO parts… it glows prominently and like an energyball of different colors and sizes…. but with one and one purpose only: TO FEEED YOU… and feeding you should on it now:

  • by experiencing it with deep breaths of joy

  • by trying to touch an massage it with your hands and feel it in the flesh and bones

  • by DIRECTING IT into your LEFT SIDE from the top to the ground, and the directing it into the RIGHT SIDE, from the top to the ground: you can do this physically, and later mentally…. once seated and once in STANDING position

  • by giving it the most POSITIVE MINDSET and JUDGMENT you have, like “this feels soooo good!” This is the greatest present you can give yourself, this will make the emotional energy valuable and harvestable in your body!

By the way sitting is not a must in this exercise, you can do it in any posture as long as you direct the energies into left and right hemisphere of your body in the end, but sitting has its benefits to wake the snake more easily..;)

Also you can do this ANYWHERE, preferably in the forest or under your POWER-tree!

I encourage you then to REPEAT the last two steps (chipump and energyfield) at least once or twice… to have longer effects and a more concrete „transformational energy“ at hand!


Feeling and enjoying is only half the trick, although it IS pretty amazing RIGHT?

The other half consists of three parts, who are complementary to each other, meaning what one lacks is bestowed by the other (sounds very epic hugh? )

a. Mantras, which enhance positive thinking and feeling

b. complete Integration

c. divine support

a. Mantras

are short positive phrases which by constant repetition allow you to access your subconscious and plant a seed of new behaviour in you… they are especially helpful if combined with deep meditation and/or music…. the idea of a mantra is that you repeat it so often that it dissolves to its essence, which then infiltrates your old mindsets…

In regard to the 3 step method the ideal place for starting the following mantra session would be after you ran the chipump and energyfield at least 2-3 times… Then in the last round, in which you harvested enough „emotional chi“, you then go into deep relaxation, focusing on your breath, and speak the following mantras either one at a time, or in the whole bunch, important is, that you speak the words with the feeling, that you just harvested!

And they go like this:

  • I LOVE this feeling

  • I THANK this feeling

  • I FORGIVE myself for judging this feeling

  • I FORGIVE this feeling for judging me

  • (These are the two most important ones!)

  • I TRUST this feeling

  • I PROFIT from this feeling

Here the “good guys” in the emotional circuit are your best friends,…

Any mantra, in order for it to become effective, needs a positive feeling that is in complete sync with the positive thought that it conveys…

You know that your body is starting to integrate, when it reacts with emotional symptoms like:

  • Little shivers,

  • Laughter

  • Tears

  • Sighs

  • Muscle toning

  • Relaxation

These are the same symptoms you are looking for if you go for the

b. Complete Integration

This is a process which I ONLY recommend doing WITH an instructor or therapist (if you cannot find one of us, or live too far away,…The REBIRTHING or ORGON Method is very compatible to this one, though the breathing techniques are slightly different, the accompaniment is the exact same!)

But let me also stress that if you follow the instructions with long breaths, and keep the movements, squeezes and rolls soft and organic, in a safe environment (driving a car, or scubadiving are NOT one of them) this exercise CANNOT be OVERDONE, and no sideeffects have yet been reported, except increase of vitality, sexuality, better bloodcirculation, less to no tention in neck or lower back. and the feeling of happiness on a cellular level , guess you can work with that..;)

So what do you do?

Simple, you do the “Chipump” AS LONG AS IT TAKES to integrate one emotional challenge:

No matter how long you have to do it you keep pulsating and breathing…

Even if you get a cramp in your shoulders or your ankles, you keep pumping,

Even if you get all kinds of emotional outbursts you keep pumpin!

Even if you feel its getting worse and worse, you breathe and do the CAMELwalk!

Even if you feel tired and sleepy.. you persevere!!

If it takes 4 hours it takes 4 hours, if it takes a night, it takes a night…

You will feel complete integration having taken place in your body,… when it feels so GOOD, that you DON’T WANT TO STOP ANYMORE; but could go on pulsating and breathing forever…

This is when you have shed all conventional mindsets and become one with the part of your soul, which is just here to ENJOY everything life has to offer!!

This is also the part, where you could start to dissolve ANYTHING you want to, where nothing seems impossible and everything accessible, where you could become one with the ONE, if you chose to believe it.

Or at least not feel sorry anymore if you did not get PISTACHIO – Ice cream!!!…;)

But sometimes neither mantras nor full integration seem to work; the latter because there is no time, space or accompaniment there!

The first one, because you are just not a mantra-type, or you need your own mantras, and have not yet come up with them!

Then I recommend to ask and trust in


Like everything with me, this is not necessarily a religion or spiritual path, but rather a mind technique! You can be an atheist in order for you to make use of DIVINE HELP, just by „adopting“ this concept for the moment of need and then letting it go again!

In this case, divine help has a much more practical approach too:

Remember when I explained you about the energy that is working within you, when you do the chipump? I even mentioned that this energy, which in many cultures is called EARTH energy, has an equivalent on the outside, an Energy that floats around and through you, which the old cultures called ETHER (Sky, Celestial) Energy….. it is exactly what the Reiki-masters and practitioners channel when they do their healing work.

The direction and principle is pretty much the opposite of the earth energy… it needs no movement just a feeling of being open to RECEIVE, in this case golden-divine LIGHT flowing from above of your crown through your spine downward and into your hands and feet…or wherever it is needed in your body…

Everybody can access this energetic help, and YES it is helpful to imagine something bigger than you, like a version of your angel, higher self, or source of the ONE, actually DOING the work FOR you…

A very relaxing, and somewhat „comfy“ thought isn’t it? You don‘t have to do NOTHIN’, except become a channel for everything benevolent angelic, cosmic that is out there, which you do not even have to imagine or name!

What I DO recommend you to do, is -like in the creation of a safe place- set a very CLEAR INTENTION, that you are gratefully calling for all the HELP that is in the BEST INTEREST for YOU and THE GREATER GOOD! Because like with the emotions, it is the mindset that makes the energy a helper or not!

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