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1. The power of emotions

If this were a speech the easiest way to demonstrate the power of emotions would be to let a well trained actor speak the sentence: “ladies and gentlemen welcome to the POWER of EMOTIONS!” in 4 different ways:

  • as if s/he was reading the telephone book out loud

  • as if s/he was delivering a big surprise to a birthday party

  • as if s/he was announcing an earthquake about to happen

  • as if s/he was a sweet transvestite trying to seduce all men and women at the same time

He or she WILL have the attention of everybody in the room, latest after the last version with the sexy subtext.

Why? Because we all respond to emotions which are connected to drama, chaos and sexuality instinctively whether we want to or not!

This is why acting techniques are effective and clearly a pleasant way to deal with emotions, since the actor can CONTROL the amount of depth he wants to give into his/her emotional performance!

But what about the other version: situations in which we are NOT in control, where emotions seem to control US!

Here comes my little version, of one of THOSE mornings, which I have taken the liberty to exaggerate a bit, in order to get the message through:

1.1. How many of you know these kind of mornings, when you wake up with a thick head, swollen eyes and you have the clear feeling, that getting out of bed could be a really bad idea? Show your hands if you do?

And of course it is not a day off, you HAVE to get up, a very penetrating alarm hammers into your sensitive ears, that there are appointments waiting.. sound familiar? as you try to snooze it, the damn cell phone falls on the floor with a clash, something might be broken, except for the atrocious alarm, and as you swing out of bed a bit too emotional you hit your toe on a piece of furniture, that was never in your radius ever before, except for today… ? anybody knows this kind of pain, anybody knows this kind of feeling…? You would like to shout and curse, but you can’t because family is still sleeping, and the walls to the neighbors are thin… so you hop into the bathroom, hoping that a splash of water into your pain-,anger struck- throbbing face, might do the trick, guess what? The LIGHTS are NOT WORKING ? Know the feeling? You stumble over something, that is usually never in the middle of this room, you hit your wounded toe against the bathtub.. and when you finally find the tab.. NO WATER in the house today!!

Can you feel it, can you feel it now?

It gets better…

The doorbell rings, it never rings at this time of the day, but it does now, so you hop to the door, not without a few extra injuries on your wounded toe, “ouch, bang, shh, oh.. “ open the door to the mail-delivery just to realize you are still half naked in your pajamas, and one of your intimate body parts ( men your second morning man still standing in your boxers; , women – one of your beautiful bare round fruits from your heart-tree)“ is awfully well exposed in the perfect working lights outside your home to the man or woman ( whichever is more embarrassing for you now) who delivers you a pack of unpaid bills with a dirty smirk in their face…You slam the door, causing everybody to wake up, the kids start crying and you join along…!

Everybody has had these kind of mornings, and everybody can recall what is going on in our bodies in this state. We are not talking about still waters here. Here THUNDERSTORMS take place! Hearts are racing, blood is on high pressure, sweat is running, and in our brain there is a firework of alarm- signals going off.

Clearly we are in a state of high energy and POWER!

Unfortunately a power which is not working in our favour, but seemingly against us!

2. Until now! Scientific –studies have shown that special breathing and mindtechniques have the power to transform body-blood that is “sour” into “alkaline”, even going so far, that the power of the mind can enter the vascular system and control it in it´s favor… The research of our team, that goes over 15 years of practical studies have had a similar to almost same approach and result with the EMOTIONAL BODY…. Our work however assumed that EVERY emotion, no matter if it is sour or alkaline has ENERGY (like our little story above has shown very clearly)… And by approaching and confronting us with the “sour” emotions we already can tab into an energy field that has similar qualities as we know from Yoga or Chi-gong, or scientifically spoken BIO-ELECTRICITY. Now if we apply the breathing and body techniques towards the stressful, sour emotions we can not only transform them into harmonizing/alkaline feelings, we can ALSO harvest the emotional-energy that is freed during this process. The bio-electricity which is stored in every emotions suddenly becomes accessible and our new pour source!

Can you imagine your worst fears, desperations, absolute overloads turning into your personal POWER-resources??

Of course at the beginning this cannot happen while we are in the middle of an emotional crisis, outbreak let alone depression or anxiety… but we can apply most of this knowledge and trained emotional muscles to the situation AFTER and BEFORE it happens,… lowering immense amounts of stress and ideally nourishing the body and mind with the new felt POWER that now starts working FOR you…

The BodyWorks, which are derived from Healing-, Martial- and Performing Arts can be applied to your daily routine some of them can even replace or adapt your physical work out or your daily meditation.

3. What would you give to not only FEEL but actually CONTROL the ENERGY and POWER of your emotions in your favour? How would your life be, if you would never have to fear any emotional crisis ever more, because you knew that if it happened you would only BENEFIT from it ???

More about that in the next articles…

You can also call and talk to us directly !

All the best with your emotional discoveries

Albert Emmanuel Kessler (natural therapist and specialist for emotional crisis management)

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