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ALELA trainings

Training to become an ALELA yoga therapist

Are you tired of the castings?

Do you want to achieve more than just being on stage?

Do you long to work in light-filled forests rather than smoky bars? 


Would you like to use your knowledge of dance, acting, singing and artistry in the context of deep, touching healing practice, mental support and therapeutic work on people? 

Are you interested in naturopathic therapy, yoga, TCM, coaching of all kinds and especially in sustainable community building and working in nature?


Then this job advertisement is just right for you!


As part of the development of a new team of trainers for special healing & community projects, our association offers ALELA-Yoga for holistic health and community (based in Austria near Vienna) offers a one-year training as a TRAINER of the ALELA method with optional specialization as a naturopathic therapist according to the guidelines of the Austrian Association of Naturopathic Therapists (VGNÖ)._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


The training takes place both online and in the form of live seminar experiences, so it can also be enjoyed during an engagement. The participants have the opportunity to skip modules for work-related reasons and to catch up later or to complete one or two modules completely online! Compared to other training courses, the costs are fair, manageable and adjusted to your income. 


This awaits you: 

.) Introduction to the Alela method based on 

of performing arts, soft martial arts, yoga, and biomedical and spiritual healing work

on the successful treatment and prevention of physical and mental pain. 

.) Introduction to pain therapy for the back, head, shoulders, arms and legs... with the techniques of pressure point Lomi Lomi massage and osteopressure 

.) Introduction to Energy Transmission (Lay on of Hands) 

.) Introduction to naturopathic practice in forest, meadow and white water 

.) Introduction to mental techniques for healing, happiness, fulfillment and success

.) Introduction and deepening of the basic knowledge of working with meridians and energy centers (chakras) 

.) Introduction and deepening of knowledge about shamanic journeys and Celtic mysticism 

.) Working with vital energy (Chi/Prana)

.) Introduction to basic knowledge on the topic: traditional Asian medicine versus traditional European and biological medicine

.) Introduction to basic tools for team building and coaching in groups

.) Introduction to group dynamic research pedagogy

.) Deep self-awareness through 5 initiations as part of the 5 seminar modules of the training 


Your benefits from the training

) You are then part of the Alela-yoga trainer team and immediately involved in the projects that the association runs. That means you are then part of the ensemble that accompanies concrete healing projects in nature and in community and leads to success! 

.) You can contribute all your talents to the club and team and be involved in projects that are funded. 

.) You can train to become the founding team for the planned Alela healing center and help shape it. (From the "mobile healing festival" to the biomedical institute) 

.) You can complete the required practice for the certificate as a naturopathic therapist in the club and then have a second mainstay as a therapist

with different depths according to your wishes

.) You will experience a new quality of life in your work, which regularly takes place in nature, and a deep emotional connection with your  team members!

Im Wald

If we were able to ignite your enthusiasm, then send us your meaningful CV along with a short introductory video (max. 5 minutes) or a letter of motivation with a current photo to


or leave a message on 



Albert Emmanuel Kessler


After the first selection, you will then be invited to an online or live info event, where you will find out in detail all the conditions and final admission criteria for this wonderful way of life and you can also get a taste of the Alela method, which was specially developed for artists!


As an association, we can actually award some places with generous scholarships of up to 50% of the training costs to special talents, but these are limited to the first few applications



So don't wait too long if you don't want to miss this chance!


We look forward to you!

 Sign up today!


Until then

stay in your HEART POWER!

Successful healing accompaniments so far

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