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what is  ALELA?

The ALELA method was developed byALbert Emmanuel Kessler-Schenk in 2002, since then continuously improved and refined. It serves to protect people from emotional crises and psychosomatic injuries and illnesses and also trains body and mind.


This is done with simple, holistic principles and enables not only good fitness but also emotional growth and mental maturity to be offered to the participants.


After just a few hours of training, people notice profound changes in themselves. The Alela method was also able to bring a significant improvement in their health and freedom from pain to some so-called "treated out" cases. An essential aspect is that she only works with what the body can already do instinctively, while allowing development both on the physical and technical side as well as in the characterization of the personality.


Balance, charisma and presence are the result. The muscles become tighter, the gait more upright, the voice moves more and more into the body and generates respect in the other person, in the partner and in the community. The Alela method has therefore proven itself time and time again to make ensembles powerful, to “swear” teams together and to give communities a deep sense of their identity. That is why she is consulted both in supporting the establishment of self-sufficient communities and in the sensitive care of people in deep, existential and painful crises.


An insight into our work and its successes


my philosophy

“Most diseases have their origin in the soul”


Hippocrates already knew and we wholeheartedly agree with him. We even go one step further and say ALL illnesses, pains and injuries have a connection with the soul.


"Insult makes you ill" is a popular saying that we can confirm several times. "Remove the insult and you stay healthy" would be the logical conclusion. But how? The Alela method offers the starting points for this. To understand this, however, requires a philosophy of connection. The realization that our soul, our spirit and our body (the ensouled body) are inseparably connected and remain so until we die. It gives us 3 powerful tools to take control of our insults: First, we now know where to look for the cause, and   have several starting points. That means finding the cause becomes easier. As soon as this has happened, we have already fulfilled most of the healing task.

 Secondly, if we constantly deal with these three levels, i.e. make it a daily routine - as well as eating, drinking and personal hygiene - to train our body, our brain and our mental awareness, we have many more opportunities to deal with causes very early on recognize and take appropriate countermeasures. We then begin to fear life less and less. Life then happens "for us" instead of "against us" and we can take responsibility for our thoughts and actions in every situation in life. Then we are no longer trapped in biological-animal programs but develop into whole human beings.

Thirdand the   can become a real game changer in terms of "ending suffering": We can conclude that if thoughts and feelings affect our life force, of course our life force affects our thoughts and feelings in reverse . If you can trust modern physics, then everything consists of energy anyway: bones, tissue, hormones, bioelectrical impulses,... From both theories we can conclude with double ground that not only positive but also challenging emotions such as fear, disgust, Sadness and anger are nothing but energy. Energy that is just waiting to be directed in a useful direction and in full awareness. That is possible. Just as positive emotions such as joy, desire and delight   stimulate our life energy, negative emotions can also be released from their old evaluation and "reversed". Then they no longer "harm" us, but strengthen us once more. A great way to swap the role of victim of circumstance for creator in any situation once and for all.

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