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Hello dear reader!


I am a trainer, therapist and chairman of the association
ALELA yoga for holistic health and community in Austria.

As the description already suggests, our association has two main focuses:

1.) He supports the formation of self-sustaining communities
and healing villages…

2.) he looks after people in serious crises and with special needs

You can see videos about our work and its successes at the end of this text!
The request of many clients, especially those who are bedridden or in a wheelchair
are tied up is: "I would really like to go to the sea for a few days
or in nature!”

Image by Austin Wehrwein

This wish often remains unfulfilled for years because there is a lack of suitable transport with a trained team! The result is often that the patients then begin to lose hope and fall into severe depression from which some never get out!

Image by Andreas Rønningen
Image by Eugene Quek

"We want to change that!"was the unanimous decision of our last general assembly and so we are all fired up to set up a watertight budget in order to fulfill this heart & healing dream for our clients and members.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-19 um 23.14.32.png

We are all convinced that this will not only give good times but real, deep self-healing! We are talking about measurable freedom from pain, more muscle strength and the undeniable hope of actually being so healthy one day
that nothing seems impossible anymore!

Do you know people with a similar fate?
Couldn't such a project be a real ray of hope for you?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-15 um 18.59.55.png

In order for this to be guaranteed, however, certain prerequisites must be met:

In addition to a trained team of therapists and a good connection to any emergency medicine, there is also a transport room that is as comfortable and practical as
Grandmother's living room and kitchen and at the same time as functional and safe as an all-terrain emergency vehicle!

The team and network are already largely in place, now it's about enabling the


Image by Tegan Mierle
Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-15 um 19.00.21.png

A moving Heilmobil may  (everything is possible, nothing is neccesary)

.) be a former emergency vehicle (fire brigade; emergency doctor...)
.) have four-wheel drive
.) have a powerful motor
.) have a trailer hitch for towing another tiny house/caravan conversion
.) closely with the manufacturing workshop for regular maintenance
to be connected

For the living room (among other wishes)
.) Offer an interior made of natural materials (PINE wood,...)
.) be very well insulated (e.g. rock wool)
.) be full of light
.) be barrier-free
.) Offer space for at least 4-5 people (including the driver)

Image by Roadpass
Image by Dominik Jirovský

Of course, all of this costs money.

But since we are well networked, with a little patience and skill, many things can be bought second-hand, lovingly repaired and made fit to drive and live in again.


The bare minimums for easy transportation to the healing room are:


This could be used to buy a simple second-hand mobile home and improve it on a voluntary basis, or to implement 2 to 3 healing trips with a rented healing mobile.


All limits are open to the top.

Also donations in kind in the form of vehicles; Tiny houses etc. are welcome!

What's in it for you?
EVERY donor has several advantages.

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor
Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-15 um 19.00.39.png


.) you become PART ofALELA yoga FAMILY, who makes wonderful companionship and encounters possible and can get to know each other
.) Thehealing successeswill of course be shared with the family! Also the associated documentation, scientific contributions and moving videos
.) From a donation of 50€, each donor has access to theAlela online live events; where to talk to the teams and the clients
.) from a donation of 100€ you have access to a Alela live seminar with final party.
.) from a donation of 1000€ you have access todonor mastermindand is accompanied in his business and life phase by professional Alela coaches for 3 weeks
.) from a donation of 10,000 € you have access toPremium mastermindand is accompanied by Alela coaches for 3 weeks in business and life.

It's time to believe in miracles more than wounds! And just so you know we don't make empty promises...

These are MIRACLES the Alela-yoga
already allowed to accompany: Our ambassadors of wonderful self-healing

The last project:
Healthy together with Gabriel
More on this

Would YOU like to be part of our ALELA FAMILY?
then donate your contribution to the following account:

Alela Healing Journey

IBAN AT252011128253025202

and call two of your best friends right away and tell them about it!
Together we can do it, together we will ALL get healthy!

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-19 um 23.43.45.png

Albert Emmanuel Kessler
chairman of the association

Alela Yoga for holistic health and community
ZVNR 1010323420 Austria

Disclaimer: All events are closed club events of the Alela Yoga Club.


No promises of healing are made here, only the results of successful self-healing are documented. All seminars have an empirical research assignment, all contributions are donations that are managed and taxed independently by the respective project manager.


None of these projects are for-profit.

Participation is self-responsible for health and financial integrity.

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