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healing support

Halela: The manual pain therapy byALELA.


In addition to physical training, which primarily has a pain-preventive character, the Alela method also offers manual treatment, which has proven very effective in acute pain in the muscular area.


A technique known from pain point/pressure point massage is used here. Certain traditions of lomi-lomi also work according to this. The Liebscher-Bracht method, known as “osteopressure”, is very similar. An essential aspect of all these methods   is that the pain (which usually lasts all the time) is not "gently" accompanied but   is "challenged" in a controlled manner.


Pain points that are directly or indirectly connected to the trouble spot are consciously pressed, the pain is even intensified, but so that it is just "bearable". In the Alela method, a conscious phase of relaxation and protected energetic charging is then inserted, in which the patient's self-regulating powers are maximally stimulated. The results are stunning in most cases.


The change from "pain/painful" to "pleasure/pleasurable hearty" leads to an overall increasing deep relaxation, which significantly relieves the pain in a short time and sometimes completely resolves it after a few treatments!

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Albert Emmanuel Kessler


born 1978 in Vienna/Austria

Overall therapeutic management 


Naturopathic Therapy

Body & mental - trainer


Diploma in naturopathic therapy

Diploma in Martial Arts, Fitness and Meditation

Diploma for Reiki 4th degree teacher/master

Diploma for Lomi Lomi: Basic & Pregnant

state Diploma for music theater (stage dance - singing - acting)

Diploma for Medicine Wheel/ Native Shamanism, Native Spirit

Freediving diploma

Many years of self-taught studies:


Tantra 10 years 

Shiatsu & TCM 8 years

TAO school according to Mantak Chia


Druidry & Celtic Shamanism 3 years

Core shamanism according to Michael Harner 5 years

Working with Chi, Prana, Chakras & Kundalini for 20 years

Studies of the most effective intersections of  


over 20 years!

Myoreflex massage/pressure points/ Liebscher&Bracht

Online marketing/business coaching

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