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Association statutes

1. Club name: 

ALELA YOGA, association for the research of holistic emotional health in the individual, partnership, family and community based on the ALELA method. 


2. Club headquarters:

Angerweg 8-10 3443 Sieghartskirchen

3. Place of activity:

nationwide and worldwide.


4. Purpose:
The association is not active for profit and does not pursue primarily

economic goals. The association aims:

.) Promotion of holistic, naturopathic therapeutic body and mental work according to the Albert Emmanuel method, ALELA yoga for short, on a scientific, economic, social, theoretical and practical way of life and work.

.) Research on holistic life philosophies such as Yoga, Tao, Tantra, various European and Asian martial arts and healing arts; the Polynesian Huna teachings, the philosophy of life of various tribal cultures, in particular Celtic-Druidic shamanism and its heritage in the arts of theatre, dance, singing, poetry and composition, and bringing their INTERSECTION POINTS together in a holistic, spiritual and health-oriented practice called ALELA-YOGA.


Alela Yoga stands for a system of daily physical exercises that incorporates many of the elements mentioned above and thus provides a basis for common practice by people with very different cultural backgrounds and needs. The exercises are both athletic and meditative, and can also serve as a basis for further deepening in: professional, performative arts, martial arts and spiritual healing arts.

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