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the future

Many people have the same dream: 

You want a harmonious life

with the nature.

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Many people have the same dream...

You want a life in harmony with nature. Where your children grow up protected among plants and animals. Where healthy food comes from our own fields. Where technology only serves to promote the coexistence of man and nature instead of dividing it. Where there is space for your own spirituality, art, culture and education. Where festivals take place within the annual circle as well as seminars and health support, and where ecology and economy merge to form the ideal "ecology" according to the pioneer Alander Baltose. 

A lot has been tried in this direction since the 1960s, little has been successful. The human versus society factor very often made it too difficult for these projects. Most of the time, many impulses were nipped in the bud. But some projects made it, even had a heyday, were able to strike the balancing act between nature awareness and modern, economic demands. The information age with the new opportunities to pursue a civil profession regardless of location and to be able to enjoy the life of a "dropout" has already arrived in the mainstream. 

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The last bridges are now needed, the last missing links, to make these visions and projects realizable so that they can become more and more tangible and natural. 

The association's research has led to the irrefutable conclusion: community can be learned and trained. It takes preparation, courage for the group formation process, the openness to be able to deal with many topics in a playful way. In addition, a willingness to reflect, knowledge of natural biological programs and a penchant for turning every crisis into an opportunity that everyone can and wants to grow from. 

With its range of seminars   and the individual support of communities in their founding phase, the ALELA association would like to be one of these bridges to a certain security on these often very emotional adventure journeys.


It is also about an intensive exploration of the emotions that can stand in our way on this path and others that motivate us to go further.


"Where emotion becomes conscious energy,
Can man create heaven on earth?

A. E. Kessler

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