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For whom is  ALELA?

The Alela Method can be used by anyone who wants to gain clarity about emotions, health and spirituality.  It has proven itself in emotional crises and psychosomatic illnesses. 

Alela Yoga, the somewhat more extensive body and mental training, helps to keep body, mind and mental awareness in harmony as well as to continuously strengthen and develop them. 


For couples

Both Alela Yoga and the Alela Method have also been able to assist in mediation and coping for partnerships of all kinds. A focus for tantric sexuality in couples has been recorded in the "Tantr-alela". 


For families

There are also formats for families where functional and creative play within the family can make everyday life easier and simply bring more fun together. (Family-alela)


For teams & communities

For the formation of teams, ensembles and communities, the variant known as "Comun-Alela" has proven itself.


For nature lovers

Formats with trees (Dryalela), in the water (Aqualela) or with a yoga mat on the ground (Gai-alela) have also been developed for outdoor lovers... There is something for every need and every Alela training always invites the principles to do so integrate so that the very personal touch can be found.

Experiences with Alela

Lilu, cancer patient

"My pain went away overnight" 
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